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Smart Shades


Fully Customizeable Indoor or Outdoor Shades AND BLINDS

Smart Shades

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Schedule your shades to raise or lower at set times throughout the day.

Smart Shades

Reduce Energy Consumption Up to 30%

A simple task like closing the shades can result in big savings as long as you remember!  Raise and lower the shades on a set schedule.  

Smart Shades

Child and Pet Safety

No pull strings or dangling pieces that could be a hazard to children or pets.

Smart Shades

Control from Anywhere with a Single App

  • Increased security.
  • Open or close your shades remotely.
  • Set a schedule to appear home when you are not.
Smart Shades

True PoE Option

  • ONE ethernet cable provides power and data to the shade.
  • True PoE reduces energy consumption with no additional wiring.
  • No batteries or chargers.

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